The Corporation de gestion du Port de Baie-Comeau (CGPBC) has undertaken a major refurbishment project for its Terminal No. 5, including rebuilding the wharf, dredging and redevelopment of the parking lot and access roads. Built in the early 1960s, the current infrastructure has become unsafe. The refurbishment of the facilities is intended to increase the port’s capacity to harbour cargo vessels, in line with the CGPBC’s vision of becoming a lever for sustainable regional development. This project is subject to formal impact assessment processes, combined with a number of community information, mobilization and consultation measures for both the Government of Canada and the Government of Québec. The CGPBC’s initiative is intended to complement these measures, enabling a more customized and constructive collaboration with each stakeholder.


The MU Conseils team is supporting the CGPBC in deploying an information and sharing process to make sure that the project is implemented harmoniously all the while meeting at best the community’s needs, expectations and aspirations. The process involves neighbouring organizations directly impacted by the project along with environmental, social and economic stakeholders in the Manicouagan region and the population as a whole. Moreover, a dialogue with First Nations likely to be impacted by the project is called for, in order to consider their specific interests.


At this time, the process has barely begun. The targeted results are as follows:

  • Building of a shared vision and understanding of the conditions conducive to the project’s harmonious integration into the local environment;
  • Adjustment and improvement to limit any negative impact on the natural and human surroundings and enhance positive spin-offs;
  • A clear understanding of concerns that the project might raise from a social, environmental and economic standpoint.

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