For several years now, the North Shore has been the region of Quebec to lose the largest population due to migration. Unfortunately, the Manicouagan region is part of this picture. However, COVID-19 has brought a glimmer of hope. New option such as telecommuting brought about by the pandemic have helped to provide regions far from major centres with an advantageous appeal to people seeking wide-open spaces and more contact with nature. Against this backdrop, the region decided to draw on collective intelligence in order to start thinking about ways of putting into words and images what sets Manicouagan apart and how it lends an exceptional place to live, with a view to reaffirming its appeal.


Using a creative and inclusive approach, MU Conseils worked in 2020 with a group of local and regional RCM partners to structure a round table on the region’s level of attractivity.


  • A shared vision of the territory’s needs and aspirations in terms of attractivity;
  • A list of success factors to be considered in implementing the consultation process;
  • A portrait of the role envisioned for each player involved, highlighting potential areas of collaboration and common resources likely to be put to good use;
  • Priorities for action, including potential links to other initiatives underway in the region;
  • Sound foundations for the definition and launch of an appealing, unifying brand image that was meant to be unveiled in the fall of 2022.

(c) Photo: René Méthot