In 2016, Québec City overhauled its public participation policy. The purpose of this exercise was to renew and improve municipal practices in terms of information dissemination, consultation and the active participation of its citizens in its decision-making processes. To prepare for the policy’s coming into effect and create the conditions for its successful implementation, the City decided to produce a guide to support project leaders who need to make regulatory changes subject to the public participation policy.


The MU Conseils team assisted the City in producing contents for the guide. The purpose of this tool is to support the predictability of the municipal public participation process and enable promoters to participate proactively. The essential information needed to achieve this purpose was to be presented in a concise, hands-on and clear manner.


  • Practical advice on how to implement a successful collaborative approach with the community;
  • Simplified communications tools to bring the citizen participation process to life;
  • Common references for all promoters to meet municipal expectations.

To consult the document, click here (abridged version here) (only in French).

Photo credit: City of Québec