The RCM of Abitibi-Ouest developed a project to set up a new composting platform. In this context, the RCM wished to obtain support from a consulting firm specialized in public participation, in order to assist them in its public outreach efforts regarding the project, in particular with citizens residing in the vicinity of the proposed site for the new facilities.


MU Conseils developed an approach that would enable us to reach out in a targeted manner to the people who could be most directly affected by the implementation of a composting platform, and in particular to:

  • Providing them with the information they needed to fully understand the project;
  • Encouraging them to voice their questions, comments or concerns in a constructive manner;
  • Proactively defining, through their involvement, measures conducive to harmonious cohabitation.


  • An RCM better equipped to identify the right issues and set up the ideal framework for discussing them with the people concerned;
  • Citizens proactively informed of the ins and outs of the project;
  • Increased public support for responsible waste management measures;
  • A joint thinking process on how the implementation of the project can provide leverage to enhance the quality of the local living environment and development of the area.

Photo credit: ISTOCK / YINYANG