The Village forestier d’antan de Franquelin (VFAF) resolutely embarked on a consolidation and professionalization process, by adopting a five-year strategic plan. Steered by MU Conseils, this project pursued objectives in terms of plan development process as well as the plan itself.


The path taken to develop the plan was highly participatory, which helped foster greater synergy within the community. What is more, the plan itself now brings greater clarity to the organization and allows committing time and energy where they count most.


  • 3 workshops with the board of directors and executive management;
  • 62 respondents to a survey distributed to the general public;
  • 20 respondents to a survey distributed to partners;
  • 10 participants in a participatory workshop for the general public;
  • 21 participants in a participatory workshop for partners;
  • 100% fun and success!

Photo credit: Sébastien St-Jean Photographe